The faith of Terror in Somalia

Ever since it’s state collapse in earlier 1990s, the tiny horn of African nation of Somalia has dealt with the world’s largest suicide bombers. The country has witnessed an unprecedented rate of terrorism and extremism fueled mainly by the so called Rebel group Al-Shabab who came to power in 2006 after the downfall of the Islamic courts in the same year. However, the country has enjoyed with a short period of stability following the deployment of the African peace keeping mission AMISOM to the capital Mogadishu.

Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa, it shares border with Ethiopia to west, Djibouti to the northwest and gulf of Aden to the north. it’s access to the sea made the import of illegal firearms possible. Recently, Al-shabab is believed to have been imported more weapons through the Indian sea outlet using illegal smugglers. For the past two and half decades, there were thousands of coordinated suicide attacks operated in Somalia with Mogadishu being the sole area for terrorists to conduct their terror actions. In the face of growing home terror, Somalia seems to be in the midst of its worst age with more suicides witnesses every day than any other time in the past.

On October 14, 2017, a double and separate suicide bombs have left at least 600 people dead and thousands more others injured in a single attackin a busy market junction of ‘Soobe’ it’s believed to have been the worst attacks Somalia has recently witnessed.

There are no signs of improvement the country is showing despite the successful presidential elections back in February last year which formed a strong government led by the highly anticipated president elect Mohamed Abdulahi farmaajo,who came with a great reputations and support for the fast majority of the people of Somalia. Strong military muscles and tight security measures were among the key agenda of his election campaigns.

However, since one year time now, is Somalia’s security for better or bad? Yes, only time will tell but we expect more good news to come from Somalia soon.

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