‘A Zero Tent Dream Of Somalia’ by Ahmed Abdi

As changes I want to make in my country pours into my mind, there’s always one thing I was dreaming to write about one day, that’ ‘end the refugee crises’ in my country of birth Somalia, for the past two and half decades, one third of our people were living in rampant tents as their primary houses and they currently live in the world’s largest refugee camps.

Our proud and highly motivated young girls and boys have ended their dreams in tents as they struggle with the tough challenges they face in the camps daily.
Somalia, as the world is very much Aware of is still in midst of decade -long civil war and tribal conflicts with major and current threats coming from the Al-shabab militant group. They have been the source of instability in Somalia ever since its rise to power in early 2006 onwards.

However, Somalia’s civil war is rooted deeply from sectarian violence back in 1990s when the south led former dictator Barre carried out an assault on the northern provinces inhabited mainly by minority tribes. This incident marked the first and the beginning of Somalia’s brutal civil war which continues in the present days and this made our country to be the world’s largest refugee people with more than millions living in tents in Kenya and Ethiopia. Throughout these hard years, We were unable of competing the world of power, technology and modern science. Hence, tents are our homes but not our hopes

Despite the current existing odds, we are still a proud nation dreaming to regain its glory and praise we as a nation dream and deserve. Born when Somalis civil war was borne, I don’t want to die while the war is still on and here is how I as a person can help my country achieve peace and end the sad number of refugees.
We were once called ‘the Switzerland of Africa’ and we are now called the most dangerous country on the planet’ this is how times change and people are responsible. But at the same, it gladly reminds me of how the history is made and yet be remade! The changes I want to make and the tips that are necessary to follow to help ease the refugee crisis in Somalia are here as follows;

First, I as a change maker would first and foremost recommend to carry out massive security measures to make the people feel safe and secured And as this Needs a great deal of efforts and funds, I would still put security as my number one plan. Once my people feel safe and secured, they will find a way to make a living and the people will frankly get the hope to return home, bringing the people back to home is a crucial and major step forward as the nation’s most productive part of the workforce fled the war and horror.

Secondly, I would put the youth in the development sector and offer the chance to transform the country using their fresh and dynamic minds since they make up 50% of the country’s total population. Science and technology are two important parts of any development and investment of youth in economy can make this happen.
Third of all, I will eradicate corruption and the reckless misuse of nation’s Resources which has long time been corrupted. Somalia in endowed with untapped natural resources mainly the sea, but due to the frequent attacks of international ships by Somali pirates, we Utilize less and benefit less. This needs a careful management of the country’s basic resources.

Finally, I would enact new laws that protects human rights and give special needs to women by either amending previous laws that gave little or no cares to women and the disadvantaged or enacting new ones. Encouraging foreign and local investors would be an important ingredient in my development strategy as well.
These are the steps and techniques I would follow to end the refugees and bring hope to the people of Somalia and I’m proud that I’ve got the opportunity to find a place and people who will hopefully hear and read my story.

Thank you!img_5198https://whatsupsomalia.wordpress.com/

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