Ogaden oil discovery, an ‘opportunity or challenge’? by Ahmed Abdi Abdulahi

Environmental impacts on Ogaden oil Extraction.

By Ahmad Abdi Abdulahi

Good evening pals! I hope you are all having a great time otherwise you will have better. thank you for reading this. As we all know every good thing comes with its bad. There are no benefits without costs as well.

In Late June, the Ethiopian government has announced the extraction of crude oil in Ogaden basins. The discovery came after years of exploring the land. However, there are obviously many things above doubts, things that were given a little or basically no bigger considerations. The international energy agencies have published certain environmental impacts that will negatively effect the lives of millions of pastoralists in and around the highly protected oil sites. Dear friends, These are evidently the challenges we will expect to happen once the extraction of the oil goes underway, and here are they;

1. Oil Spills occurrences

Oil extraction and transportation comes with a risk of oil spills. As oil companies begin to exploit more difficult resources, such as pastoralists, Agriculture, oil reserves, and transport oil longer distances, the chance of a spill increases. For instance, 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill stemmed from a problem on an off-shore oil rig. According to Santa Clara University,

only 5 to 15 percent of any oil spill can be recovered, leaving a large amount of oil in the environment. This oil can kill plants and animals, disrupt local ecosystems and cause serious damage to local businesses and tourism. Spilled oil is also considered a health hazard for humans.

2. Migration and the Rise of Environmental Refugees

Socio-culturally, the Ogoni people for instance, live in closely knit communities and are more endogenous. The Ogoni people were not used to mass outflows/movement from their territory as their subsistent economy provided them with their basic needs. To the average Ogoni, movement from the area, which was considered a place of abundance into alien lands, means subservience, poverty in the new area, and loss of pride and self-esteem. This indeed, was the situation before economic consideration led to the development intervention of oil exploration and exploitation by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), which resulted in a complete change in the socio-economic landscape of Ogoni.

3. The Impact on biodiversity Ogoni “in this case” ~ a similar case may apply to Ogaden

The most profound and adverse

impact of oil pollution in Ogoni with far-reaching implications on all other aspects of our traditional lifestyles and livelihoods, had been the total loss of biodiversity and destruction of habitats largely due to soil degradation.

The results of the unchecked oil pollution in Ogoni have been the complete destruction of ecosystems. Mangrove forests have fallen to the toxicity of oil spills and are being replaced by noxious nypa palms, the rainforest has fallen to the axe of oil companies, wild-life and game have been driven away and farmlands have been rendered infertile with gross implication on the right to adequate food. ~


Division for Social Policy and Development.

Despite the highly likely anticipating impacts, we need to inform our less educated people around the oil reserves to be cautious to light! We all have the responsibility to tell our governments about the potential danger it will pose.

Thank you for Taking the big time to read this,

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