A new look in the Horn of Africa

September 14, 2018.

The Horn of Africa is an strategic hub for the rest of the world. it’s geopolitical locations has ignited many powerful nations like Russia, china and the USA to have military bases in Djibouti and Somalia.

almost all the countries residing in the Horn have a sea outlet with Ethiopia being the only exception. However, the region was a hotspot area where the countries in the Horn of Africa map had a long standing conflicts on issues with border and trade.

in the wake of unprecedented political turnover in Ethiopia last April, the Horn of Africa was never the same. Ethiopia’s decade-long sectorial violences took a new leap. The country was in midst of its biggest crisis when the former Ethiopian prime minister has resigned over an increased allegations of human rights abuse and ethic uprising in Oromia.

Soon after his resignation, Ethiopia chose a new prime minister whom many claim was Ethiopia’s long time awaited Premier. The prime minister Abey Ahmed has taken some remarkable changes to settle a number of issues which remained the heart of Ethiopian’s problems.

Eritrea is a tiny nation in the Horn of Africa, it’s been a nation outside the rest of the world. The UN has accused Eritrea of funding terrorism and being a hideout place for individuals conducting terror acts in Africa and the world at large.

PM Ahmed’s first political move was to dissolve algeri’s accord, a peace deal in which Ethiopia claimed a disputed border land with Eritrea. a move that has conclusively ended a two and half decade fierce hostile between Ethiopia and Eritrea. This was. Major step forward to resolving the unrest in the Horn of Africa giving Eritrea a chance to be more open and regain its position in the world.

Last week, the African leaders gathered in Beijing for Africa-china friendship summit. The talks were roles china play in African development. in the Summit, the leaders of Djibouti, Somalia and Eritrea figured out a way to reach a deal to settle the border conflict between Djibouti and Eritrea. in this meeting, the three nations have reached a peace deal ending the unrest in the Horn of Africa.

These successive waves of political changes were hurdles nations in the Horn Africa were unable to cross. it’s been a big obstacle that blocked the regional integrations. Much needed in the HA transformations were a dream and now, it’s a new Era for HA just to see the borders not being a line we draw but bridges we build.

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