Jawar Mohamed’s visit to Jig-Jiga ease tensions between the Oromo and Somali

Oromo Famous Social activist Jawar Mohamed is expected to arrive in the Somali state Capital Jig-jiga later this week.

Jawar, a famous Oromo figure was touring across much in Oromia including the Capital Adis-Ababa. His return came following the downfall of the Tigraian decade-long Autonomy in Ethiopia back in April.

Jawar mohamed who made the top list of the Terrorist group by the former government is enjoying his stay in Ethiopia. He has returned to Dire-Dawa today along with the newly elect Somali state president Mustafe omer where they received a warm welcome from the controversial city of dire-Dawa.

in the wake of rampant Oromo protest quit recently, the neighboring regions of Somali and Oromia had a pre-longed hostility in which many believe was politically motivated. The Oromo-Somali conflict has resulted the death of countless people over the years. But it was never a war of interest.

Many people hold that the clashes are mainly intended to create hostility among the both regions and vigorously meant to heighten the already existing Tensions.

However, Jawar Mohamed’s visit to jigjiga means that the both nations have to come closer and sit for peace talks. This’s presumably an important trip for the both nations and will likely end what many believe was a politically constructed war of ideology.

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