Abdirashiid Ali Shua’s trust; A “Broken glass”

January, 25 2019

By Ahmed Abdi Abdulahi Abdirashid Ali shua’s trust has become a ‘BROKEN GLASS’.

Abdirashiid Ali shocaac, a famous Somali social media activist and human rights Advocate during Abdi mohamud Omer’s Leadership had his dignity broken as many people claim today. Shocaac is best remembered for his personal role in toppling former regional dictator Abdi mohamud omer back in August last year.

Following the week-long political standoff between him and the region’s president Mustafe muhumed, Abdirashiid seemed to have heated his concerns through his popular Facebook account where he has several thousand followers. He recently made successive posts on Facebook where he accused president Mustafe of deceiving his own people.

Shocaac has received a huge backlash from many of his followers on Facebook regarding his tweets in which many dubbed as ‘A foolish act’. initially, Many people had a doubt that Abdirashiid’s Facebook account might have been hacked but it later became clear to the fans that he was oneway or other doing all on purpose. It’s pretty unlikely for someone like Abdirashiid to cause a mess at the moment but it did just happen and now everyone is talking about him.

Abdirashiid has become the talking point of the time and the focus on many famous individuals including his own colleagues whom they worked closely during their campaign that ended abdi Omer’s 8 years brutal rule. The deadly political game started off words of exchange shared on Facebook in which many people believe that Abdirashiid was too quick to make troubles.

in the Wake of the deadly political game between mustafe and Abdirashiid comrades, it eventually proved to be something created to undermine the current government led by president Mustafe. “The fast majority of the people of Somali state are desperate for real changes and never put an ear to those making comeback in order to create a false imagine against the region’s growing political evolution”. President mustafe said in a tweet to his people. an Unclassified sources quote that Abdirashiid has left the region for the neighboring Somaliland for nothing but his own Embarrassment but still sending tweets to his social media sites raising the big question ‘Has he lost his credibility and trust in the Somali people? May be he has, may be not. That’s a question to all my followers on this WordPress blog.

if you have questions, comments or concerns regarding my writings, please never hesitate to write me in the comment below or the through the blog link. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

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