Former Somali prime minister has announced his 2020 presidential candidacy a month and half after his exit from the office.

by Ahmed Abdi

September 13, 2020

It’s been a month and half since the former Somali president-elect Prime minister Hassan Ali Kheyre left the office after he was voted out in parliamentary meeting in July this year. the prime minister exotically declared his 2020 Somali presidential debut in a post he shared with his supporters on Facebook and Twitter last night. the announcement came a month after his shock removal from the office after the lower MPs voted him out in late July. Kheyre was elected by the current Somali president Mohamed A. Farmajo in February 2017 after the historic parliamentary election in which president Farmaajo defeated Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, former Somali president in a majority House of Parliament vote securing a four-year fair election in Somalia.

President Farmajo picked Hassan Ali as one of his key political ally and the pair had soon become Somalia’s only dual political figures to have ever worked together in three years without any disputes reported. Political conflict had often overshadowed Somali leadership for decades and it could originally arise from the very top but the two had got along with each other securing a huge trust within the larger Somali people. Their political leadership was admired by the vast majority of the Somali people until the House of Parliament held one of their usual political standoffs in July in which Prime minister Kheyre was voted out in a motion surprisingly proposed by the parliament.

The dispute surrounding kheyre’s dismissal centered around the elections. Somalia is preparing to hold ‘one person one vote’ election for the first time in four decades. Due to Covid-19 and security challenges, holding a nation-wide electoral system built bridges between two of Somalia’s strongest men in power. Kheyre’s dismissal had sent unprecedented shockwaves throughout the Somali world. Kheyre had a huge political reputation in the Somali society and his three-year long service had already proved the progress Somalia made in the last three years. While kheyre was in power, some notable developments were Met in short time. the country’s international policy was put in place. For the first time in history, Somalia’s long time debt crises were settled in and following a long debate on debt crises, The World Bank has exempted Somalia a significant portion of money the country borrowed to execute on its poor economic and security services.

Prime minister Kheyre’s return to power is another political signal that this 2020 Somali presidential election is going to be tougher than ever before. It weights Farmajo’s destiny. The current Somali candidates have all served presidents and Prime ministers in the last 10 years and and time around, its the only ballot that will determine who will remain in the Villa house in the next four years.

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