Dikimt is upon us (cover up yourself)

If you were up early in the morning at around 4-7am and went outside to go to the masjid or simply went to work or a morning run, then you must have noticed that the month of cold had finally arrived.

We have enjoyed an endless time of rainy season like no other wet autumn in the past 12 months. It’s been raining literally everyday for the past 8 months or so. Even the ice rain was pretty unique in the Somali world. However it seems that the weather is making a shift from warm to extremely below a freezing point in early mornings (barden me!) I don’t have the tool to measure and neither does my iPhone tell me that but honestly what I mean below a freezing point isn’t to upset any individual from Iceland or places where -10 degrees are all the time living weather but a way to prove our actual hot weather has changed to a freezing point considerably. 

I can recall Dikimti as being an old name to mean a cool month in Amharic language. This year, it is up for the breeze again. It’s often a time when a bad cold breeze blows out our faces, hands and bodies leaving our skin vulnerable to crack. I’ve been feeling too cold on my entire body as I walked to the Masjid without wearing a jacket this morning. I put on an unzipped hoodie because my thick jacket needed a loundry.

A clear sky with few scattered clouds in central Jigjiga.

In the opposite, the weather gets extremely hotter in the day. High humidity exits till afternoon which my body can’t withstand. The heatwave is 26 degree celsius now which is colder than I should sound but really hot in the real sense. The heat in the morning is accompanied by a strong dusty wind which is very uncomfortable to anyone taking a walk through the town. Dikimt has long been a month associated with low temperatures but as I spent some time in neighboring Somaliland and experienced relatively different weather lately, I may be getting it wrong. 

Covid-19 is a virus we are all familiar with since the beginning of this year. It’s real but the myth about this virus grew much quicker than it’s own reality. you may have heard that the virus is bad in cold climate environments but I’m less scientific on this fact. I only think that because it’s been prevalent in the west, it could have probably been the weather that gave the virus an easy spread. However I’m relating this fact and fantasy to our city, Jigjiga now that if the current weather continues longer than usual, it will allow the virus to spread faster in the community. 

I haven’t been used to living in a place where wet or cold weather was a thing of everyday and that’s why I am complaining about a temperature around a normal scale for many people. Perhaps you are wondering how on earth 26 degree Celsius or 9 could be a weather woes but due to my writing urge, I sometimes exaggerate a bit—I am not alone to this, the world’s most popular papers do too.

I looked at a clear sky and saw a few scattered clouds moving around with my bare eyes and captured two shots. I’m not a good photo taker but at least you saw the sky in our atmosphere. 

Yesterday I made a nice comment at a blog and one of my favorite reading sites, Good morning at Chronicles of an Aglo Swiss and got nice feedback on my poor but growing blogs. It’s a golden oldy mom (I’m stealing this word from the op herself) but this mother as we call aging people here in our culture is real world experience of the things you see online everyday. From her pets, birds, skies, tours and towns, it’s life of its own quality. I made a tag I wasn’t permitted to but I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. I have gotten the chance to learn about a country I haven’t seen. That blog helped me a lot and I need to take the opportunity to thank this special mother! That’s all for me today, I gotta go and take shower to cool myself down.

Have a good day!!

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