Thousands of Somali refugees watch the US election after 4 years of Travel ban

In about 37 hours, the world will witness one of the biggest elections in the world. Over 246 million Americans are heading to the polls on Tuesday to determine whether Donald Trump will stay in power or Joe Biden will overtake him. Even though 20% of the American people have already voted, Tuesday’s election will send one man to the White House.

The US election is so popular not because of the US interest but the impact of its foreign policy on the world. The American politics are so intense that elections not only matter to the American people but the larger world as well. When president trump was surprisingly elected to the White House in 2016, many of the US foreign affairs have changed tremendously. Trump’s first executive order days after his historic election was to halt the refugee programs in majority Muslim countries including Somalia.

Somalia made it on the list of Trump’s Executive ban in 2016, since then thousands of refugees were later denied entries into the US. Trump thought Somalia was a terrorist affiliate country and blamed many of the terror acts in America and the world for Somalia in several rallies he made in the Somali-dominated twin cities.

As the US election enters its final two days, thousands of Somali refugees are closely watching what the result of this election will mean to their future— and what the democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds for their future if elected. As the world looks forward to another American four-year term president and Somalia refugees wonder what happens next in this election, I am crossing my legs to see the wonder.

Family waiting for food at Dhadhaab refugee camp in Kenya-photo by Pinterest

Somali immigrants in the US are the second largest group in any other immigrant community in the United States. They are scattered across the US states mainly in Minnesota, Seattle Washington, Ohio and Boston. Since Trump took the office in 2016, thousands of Somali refugees are still stuck in Kenya and Ethiopia.

I will come back to you with another blog on the US election and Somali refugees after the election result day and reactions on the post election era too. 

It’s a late afternoon here in Jigjiga with 10 mins before the sunset. have a good day/night!

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