Somaliland at 30, is it on the right track to a recognition?

Happy birthday Somaliland, you are 30 years old today but this isn’t your true age, you are much older than 30 if something had not happened long before you were newly born. 30 years of peace and prosperity, Somaliland has still no regrets about breaking away from the big Somalia. Somaliland had officially separated from Somalia in 1991 after years of civil war. Since then, the tiny region was on a continuous path of peace and development. 30 years after its historic breakaway, is Somaliland on the right track to international recognition? It’s a big question but time will help find the answers. Before I try to use my common sense, I want everyone to look back and learn some history class. Where did the current Somaliland begin? If your mind is probably cooperating and simply can recall long before 30 years then you can easily analyze and incorporate answers to this question. 

I don’t want to be the sole judge or determine if Somaliland currently deserves a credit but my existence can help and add a great value to why Somaliland is where it is today and how far they have come from to be where they are at now: If you are truly a loyal Somali then you would be able to distinguish facts from false but if you are too nationalistic like me or believe the idea of greater Somalia then your judgment on the current Somaliland is full of bias. Don’t get me wrong I’m going to be fairly neutral to this issue but my ego is a mess at times like now.

Somaliland has been making foreseeable changes in recent decades. It has been immensely peaceful and that allowed the region to focus on restoring infrastructure and build back its own statehood. It’s current form is a product of both national reconstruction and communal participation. The role of the people in restoring the lost Somaliland is truly necessary to a knowledge first before thinking about what Somaliland has achieved through time. While you look for options and answers to Somaliland’s development, one thing that pops up in your mind is peace, yes you read it correctly peace is the only reason why Somaliland was able to move forward for ages. If you disagree with me in this sense, look at their neighbors. So if peace prevailed in the region after its succession, there’s still more whys. One why is how Somaliland overcame so many challenges and is where it it’s today. The answer may be odd but the government of Somaliland was never able to do that without the unwavering support of the people of Somaliland who left the country empty in 1990. They left a country in destruction and built it back with their hard earned wages. The government relies little on itself and can’t even pay its own military, people do that in a variety of ways among others fundraising for the love of their people and government.

18th May celebration- photo taken from social media.

Is Somaliland’s current progress an indication to a recognition?

The answer may not be easy from an international point of view but for a Somali other than Somaliland, it’s even hard to swallow. However what one can never ignore is what Somaliland has successfully accomplished in 3 decades. From rebuilding its broken system to promoting economic, political and social life, gradual development was always in the making and leaders of this small region and its people made sure all together out of which beautiful and peaceful country of Somaliland was born out. Speaking from the innermost part of my heart, I would not want Somaliland to be internationally recognized because that would geographically make my own Somalia smaller and weaker but the truth about the current Somaliland may change our own greater Somalia reality. I’m a proud Somali who resides and currently lives in Somaliland with pride and full of freedom. Truly speaking, I wouldn’t dare to live in peace in my life without the efforts of the people of Somaliland. I can’t even live peacefully in my own Somali region of Ethiopia more than I have in Somaliland now. As Somaliland marks its 30th birthday, I hope this region grows in peace, love and prosperity. This’s part of my Somaliland blog series and I am always fascinated by what Somaliland stands now and where it’s heading for. If you are interested in my writing and want read in the future, please subscribe to my blog and don’t miss any of my pieces. Till I get back to you with another blog series, it’s a sunny greener land across the Abaarso desert. Stay safe!

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