Pain, patience and pride

Take a sigh of breath! Close your eyes, and imagine what the world will look like after 40 years? That’s a rough guess but trust me, our inner imaginations will give us different pictures. I am Ahmed Abdi, and this time, I’m going to be sharing with you a story that will melt your heart if you read.

My today’s story is by far one of the best I’ve ever read on the internet. It’s one the few stories in the world that sheds hope to every dead human heart. And a journey from darkness into light. The story originated from a small town called Xudur in Bakool province in Somalia. If you can recall, I once said that Somalia is the only country in the world where one can find a happy and sad story. Rare accounts of stories never reported by the mainstream media.

Nishooq Isaaq Aadan is probably a 74 years old mother who lost her most precious part of the human organ (Her vision) 40 years ago. She had last seen the world 40 years ago, and since then her experiences about this world were only through what she heard from people and radios. for a long time, seeing the world was a distance dream for her, and her hope of getting her vision back one day was even one of the impossible 

Last week, thankfully Nishooq’s vision returned once again after 40 years of darkness in front of her eyes following a successful eye surgery by the doctors. For Nishooq, seeing the world again as I keep writing was a dead dream as she grew older but her patience and reliance on Allah that one day, she will open her eyes wide and see the world again remained in the back of her head. Last Tuesday, mother Nishooq saw the world again with the same eyes she had seen the world 40 years ago. It was an unbelievable real world experience and momentum to someone who has only seen the world by their inner imaginations. “ I saw it, everything around me and people I loved, cared and things I often used to hear is what I am seeing now” Alhamdulilah (all praise is due to the creator) Noshaq said crying out of joy.

Mother Nishoq during/after getting back her vision. The op who posted the picture in Somali post didn’t specify.

Vision is, as I said the most important organ of our life that without it, our world means nothing more than our inner imaginations. Only a person without a vision can truly imagine what it means to see everything through the images we have in our mind. Things surrounding us, games that we love, adventures that we take, people that we love, everything we see in this world is because of our eyes and to someone who can’t see the world with their own eyes means they have to judge this world by their beautiful imagination only. 

Nishooq is urging everyone who lost hope to never give up from what they are dreaming about no matter how impossible things seem to be. To Nishooq we have to be patient and optimistic about what we dream about this world. “ It will happen by Allah’s grace” Noshooq said it loudly and her story proved all the odds and impossible she believed wrong. This story made me remember the prophet Zechariah’s one when he was mercifully blessed with a baby son in late adulthood. Zechariah’s story is another hope that if we put our full  trust in Allah, nothing is impossible no matter what!  Zechariah’s story is here

If you enjoy this story, please spread the word and hope. Thank you for taking the time to read this story!!

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