Ethiopia urged residents of the capital to arm up and defend the city from advancing TPLF and OLF as they encircle the city.

Advancing TPLF and OLF forces enclose capital Addis-Ababa as worries of invasion loom in. It follows days after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters captured two strategic towns less than 200 miles from the city of Addis-Ababa. Ethiopia waged a horrible war against the TPLF a year ago but it lasted more than they calculated. Early today, Addis-Ababa chief security officer urged people to self-prepare and arm up to protect the country from what he called “TPLF terrorists”. There are reports of foreign nationals departing the country in numbers.

Capital Addis-Ababa

Last night, prime minister Abey of Ethiopia blamed TPLF advances for foreign troops fighting alongside the TPLF. My friend in Addis is one of the residents concerned about the developing stories of security threats. The government has encouraged every able-bodied individual in the country to join the fight against TPLF who are now some 200 hundred miles away from the prime minister’s office. However what makes the matter worse now is the OLF. OLF stands for Oromo liberation front, another long existing group of fighters representing the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group of Ethiopia. Oromo fighting isn’t quite on the news but they are in constant struggle with the Ethiopian army. Even though the prime minister is from this large ethnic Oromo group, they seem to be against him on many fronts. As fears of possible Addis-Ababa capture grows, residents are biting their fingers on what could be another era of war in one of the most peaceful countries in Africa. As there are no more details about what an attack on Addis will look like, I will keep some of my followers updated here. I’m an Ethiopian national of Somali origin and know what is going on in the country. Right now, things are tough but I pray for peace. What are your thoughts? Let me know.

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