My Holiday Time in Dubai

Hello everyone. I hope everyone’s enjoying their well deserved holiday break. My holiday time was absolutely great. I spent most of a week in Dubai, the capital of the U.A.E and global trade and transit hub. It’s been an amazing week and I went to many beautiful places in Dubai including the famous tall building of Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall which stand alongside each other. Dubai has a vibrant vibe and I enjoyed the weather so much. Despite the summer mood, Dubai didn’t feel like it was summer time, it was warm most of the day. I wore a shirt all the time as I explored the edges of the city. I also visited Dubai gold souk, the largest gold market in Dubai and perhaps the world) and enjoyed the shining gold market as they displayed themselves in the big mirrors of the gold souk.

Me at Burj Khalifa
Dubai Gold Souk- gold display
Burj Khalifa again
Dubai water Bridge
Ariel view of the Red Sea that divide Africa and the Middle East

My journey to Dubai was highly enjoyable and it’s my first visit to the gulf states. Even though I stayed shorter than I expected, my 6-day stay was enough for me to carry a travel experience like never before. I’d like to go back to Dubia one day and I can’t wait to go back again. I will upload some pictures of my Dubai explorations from the sky to land. Enjoy your holiday break and I will get back to you with another interesting piece of blog in the future.

9 thoughts on “My Holiday Time in Dubai

  1. It took me minutes to recognize that the person at Burj Khalifa was you. I hope you have gained plenty of experience in your 6 day stay in Dubai.

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  2. Hey Ahmed.
    It’s nice to hear u went to Dubai. That was interesting and I hope u’ve had an incredible time there. See u in weeks.


  3. Asc mr Ahmed
    It is good for me to hear that you went and visited Dubai because when you came to Jigjiga am sure you will share us the experience that you get from there


  4. Through your writing, I imagined how ideal your break was. I’m not sure how else I could encourage you to “keep it up.”


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