Spring season has arrived here restoring lives

Two months ago, I wrote something about the droughts here in Ethiopia. This year has been a difficult time for the people in this region who are among others highly reliant on seasonal rains. Whenever the spring season doesn’t arrive on time or gets delayed, people suffer, animals are malnourished, grass disappears, and crops die off faster than they can recover. This year was characterized by an extreme shortage of rainwater, hot weather, and rising prices of basic food necessities all happening in one season, the winter. The economic cost of the war in Ukraine can badly be felt here too as prices of energy soar. Sunflower oil is one thing I know which is far beyond anyone’s purchasing power. All of these spikes are to be blamed first for the repetitive droughts that come once every year and admittedly the war in Ukraine is another factor.

However, while there’s uncertainty as to when the Ukraine-Russia war will likely end and the global economy will recover, one sure thing is that the spring season has arrived here and is already restoring lives, reviving the dead plants and flowers now starting to blossom. As I sat and watched raindrops hit the dried ground, I began to take some pictures of the land and sky, basically every angle I could catch a shot from. Here are some photos of our land and sky. Jigjiga is my current whereabouts now.

Jigjiga, Ethiopia
Low hanging powerlines (often cause electronic fires)
Typical Somali shrub slowly coming back to life.

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