EPP unionization, a danger looming towards Somalis

The danger of being part in EPRDF and the MEMDHEMER

Ethiopian ruling part EPRDF has held its usual meeting yesterday to discuss the future of its leadership and country’s status quo. The meeting has gathered all the permanent and non permanent constituency of the EPRDF members to vote for the vicious plan of Ethiopian premier Abby Ahmed’s MEDHEMER literally meaning (addition) but wrongly convinced people to mean (unity) instead. this word lacks a clear precession to be called unity instead of being Addition demeaning the word itself. During the assembly, representatives of the different parties were asked to vote for unity of all the permanent and non permanent parties as one under the shadow of EPRDF ignoring the real effects and the possible danger it could cause to the People in Somali state which is in my paint, and that of the somali people a huge threat to our very existence and security.

Ethiopia is made up of nations and nationalities each having its own boundary and control of their lands. But MEDHEMER is built in the bases of people’s movements across boundaries denying people’s control over their land and economy. MEDHEMER encourages people’s socialization with others without any sorts of classifications between leadership and land ownership. a person from Oromia or Tigray can work and be part of Somali government without thinking of any of his/her ethnic identity for example because it denies people’s will to rule their government in their own terms.

However, the sad news is that we as Somalis have no any determination and choice to work in a place outside of Somali state and this will result in an extreme overflow of immigrants from Ethiopia who beyond what we see today overtake our economy. As far as unity or addition what so ever is concerned, there are obviously visible dangers by being part in Ethiopia’s ruling part EPRDF at the moment and here are the significant odds; First Uniting with Ethiopia needs us to have the same duty as others. We have to be subject to every law ratified no matter how odd it’s to our people. A new law applies to everyone regardless of religion and ethnicity. All laws apply to all Ethiopians but who are we as Somalis? Can we get along with Ethiopia’s diverse life? I would say no. Yesterday’s Somali folks who raised their hands for unity in the house owe us a debt of unthinkable subjugation and took us a point of no return. Our Somali leaders like president Mustafe did this without any scrutiny.

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