Eid prayers and celebration in Jigjiga

It’s Eid day and everyone is happy today. After 30 days of fasting, it’s time to have breakfast again. Muslims around the world are marking the Eid al-fitr, the end of Ramadan fasting this morning. I arrived in Jigjiga, my hometown, on Sunday to witness this beautiful occasion. My initial plan wasn’t to come to Jigjiga but circumstances allowed. Eid began early this morning and people came like a flood. As always, people pray in congression at a big outdoor area in the heart of the city. The place is so big but people from the city fill up every empty space. 

I should have taken plenty of pictures of people and children if I came early, but I was late to the Eid place and missed some nice shots. I will shoot you some of them so you will see what this day looked like on our side. Below I will upload some of the most recent photos of Eid celebration and prayers in my Jigjiga

Eid prayers – Jigjiga stadium
Jigjiga this morning
Jigjiga this morning
Downtown jigjiga
After prayer ended

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