Two Powerful Stories of its Own – Bilan and Balqis Will Inspire You

Good morning folks. Ciid Mubarak! After a month of fasting, it was finally time to celebrate yesterday. Even though I wasn’t home to witness this festival, I still carried most of what this day had to offer me. Yesterday morning, when I was still hugging my bed, I came across something, a link on my Facebook feed. It’s a popular Somali diaspora Facebook page that I regularly follow on its update. It’s a social platform where Somalis around the world share their success stories and what I read yesterday on that page had me thinking if I could share with you.

Since the beginning of the Somali civil war in 1990, Somali people have made their way to two major continents, America and Europe. They settled there and found life for themselves, children and for those families left behind the horror of war. 30 years after qixii (mass evacuations) Somalis in Europe and America created a strong community of citizens and their contribution to the motherland was critical to the lives of those extended families. They ran top positions in their respective governments, became heads of NGOs, artists in foreign languages, fashion models and athletes, and even movie directors. They occupied big positions in their own communities abroad. Big names like Ilhan Omer, Halima Adan, Mo Farah, Abdi Bile and Barkhad are among the few Somali immigrants who turned their stories of war into an everlasting reality. Living abroad for decades, Somalis not only found America and Europe as a place to survive but also felt truly home. Thousands of children who were born in America never even returned home. These children became the first generations of Somali college and uni graduates and to many of them, they are taking their abroad experience and knowledge back to home. This story you are about to read is about two amazing Somali girls who against all the odds their families faced became American models in education. Their story is about the struggle they and their parents went through that got them where they are now. Please read their story below here:

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